Your Session

Wedding Photography

The photographer will be available to meet with you before your special day to go over any special requests you may have and to get an idea of what you would like him to shoot. The week of the wedding you will receive a phone call or e-mail confirming all of the details of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the photographer will arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to survey the area and find great places to take photos (this is included in your cost and is not added to the hours that you pay for). The photographer will talk to both the bride and groom to make sure of the agenda one last time. If at all possible both Ben and Travis will be at the wedding, so that multiple angles of the ceremony can be captured.

Throughout the day the photographer will check in with the bride and groom to make sure that all of the photos that they would like captured are being taken. We try our best to get everything that you list. Be aware that due to time or venue constraints not all photos can be taken. As the that you have allotted comes to an end, the photographer will check with the bride and groom to see if there are any other photos that they would like before leaving.

After the wedding, the photographer will contact you in two to three weeks to arrange a time to pick up your photos.

Portrait Sessions

We offer a few different types of photo sessions, some with differing costs. Because of this, it is important that the photographer know ahead of time as much information as possible.

When setting up a photo session please tell us:

1) How many people will be in the photos. This helps us determine the amount of time needed and space constraints

2) If there are children, adults, or pets. We have different props and backgrounds that are better suited for certain ages, or for animals.

3) Is the session for family photos or an individual? It can be both, again, it helps us know what props to have ready.

4) Outside or inside. It is always easy to go outside, but the studio needs preparation. Please let us know if you want to do any inside photos.

5) Photos at the studio or at another place.

6) Are these High School Senior photos? There is a different cost to Senior Photos because we shoot more photos and process the photos differently. Please let us know if the session is going to be for a senior.


In Studio vs. At Your Home

In our studio we have the ability to have more props, backgrounds, lighting options, and even some kids outfits.  If you choose to have us come to your home we have fewer options because of portability.  It is important that you let us know as much about what photos we will be taking at your home as possible, so that we can bring the right equipment and props.


Family, Pet or Individual Photo Sessions

If the shoot is at the studio you will be able to choose from all of the available backgrounds and props.  Know that you can do all or part of your shoot outside also.  Shoots outside usually have few props.


Senior Photo Sessions

Senior Photos can be done inside the studio and outside.  They can be shot at multiple locations, or on multiple days if desired.  If you are unsure of a location the photographer can suggest some places that may be close to your area.  It is extremely important that the photographer knows as much about what the senior wants as possible.  If the senior is going to be wearing more formal clothing, being out in the woods may not be the best setting.  Or if the senior wants photos with their car, a specific setting will need to be chosen.  We are always open to suggestions for places to shoot.  Senior photos should show who the senior is.